Flame Retardant EPS Sandwich Panel

Modern building construction materials and methods are being localized and introduced to Myanmar by A&G Korea. This new development introduces energy-efficient construction with clean design features to all type of commercial and industrial construction. A&G Korea has invested in manufacturing equipment

to produce flame retardant EPS (expanded polystyrene) Products for building construction and other applications.

Flame retardant EPS insulated sandwich panels are A&G Korea’s best products and are used in every building application.

The panel is a sandwich of two metal faces and an interior flame-retardant EPS insulation layer. The outside metal face can be formed into many profiles for different appearances and architectural designs. Panels are interlocking with a tongue and groove joint which also hides the screws for a clean look. Panel thickness and length can change according to the customer’s application.

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The benefits of flame retardant EPS insulated sandwich panel building construction are:
- Panels are light-weight and arrive at the job site ready for installation; less labor costs and faster installation schedule
-Efficient insulation reduces energy costs
-Long length and light weight of panels can reduce cost of building structure
-Concealed (hidden) screws improve lifetime, reduce rust staining, and improve visual looks
-Pleasing and clean appearance
-Available in many designs and colors

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